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Welcome to Clembert Partners. We are a team specially equipped with deep knowledge of not just law and legal related matters, but also of matters related to finance, money lending and Media. The added dimension to our expertise and services sets us apart from others. Over the years we have earned quite a reputation in diverse areas such as Money lending, Financial support, Corporate Commercial, Company Secretarial Services, Intellectual Property and Media matters amongst others.

Money lending consultation and Services

Money is a universal need, hence the business of money lending is fast becoming a viable lucrative venture for individuals and enterprises with access to funds. Money lenders are springing up all over the country daily, providing funds to individuals and SMEs in dire need of money. For these individuals and SMEs, this ameliorates the stringencies that comes with obtaining money from Financial institutions. The Money Lenders on the other hand enjoy a certain level of freedom with the interest they attach to the principal sum. This freedom however is only granted to Money lenders by virtue of the Money lending license. That’s where we come in.

With years of experience and expertise in the money lending sector, we are here to provide consultation, guidance and services on how to legally set up and structure your money lending enterprise. We possess a team to provide you with all the legal requirements you may need for effective money lending operation in Nigeria.

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Financial support and consultation

Access to financing/capital whether for short-term or long-term projects is always critical for the success of any business irrespective of its size. We recognise that firms, especially the Small and Medium-Sized (SME) find it quite challenging in sourcing or processing applications for financing from financiers. However, with our rich network, we are able to link providers of financing with those in need of the same. Beyond this, we provide tailored services for closing financing transactions from negotiating financing terms, to drafting/ reviewing financing documents and monitoring compliance. This is supplemented with our experience in perfecting securities/collateral at the various registries such as land registries, Companies registry, stamp duties office, and immovable collateral registeries. We have over the years, acted for either financed or financier in consummating financing transactions that are hitch free. We also regularly advise businesses on emerging and traditional financing options.

Debt recovery

With money lending and loans, there is always the tendency that the need to recover debts will arise. We manage the stage by stage of debt recovery as amicably as possible, to ensure our clients expedient recovery of owed debt.

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Media Practice and Consultations

There are a rich plethora of activities going on in the media world such as obtaining of licenses to set up television/radio stations and newspaper editorials. Advertising, Public relation , Journalism, Writing (in whatever form), Publications all make up critical part of the activities that go in this world. Every one of this activities require at some stage a legal presence or intervention, especially but not solely at the transactional stages. We possess the media qualifications and experience to guide you through the stages of whatever media needs or services you might require . Providing you also with legal presence and documentation best suited for the required needs or services

Intellectual Property and related matters

With the world fast evolving, the need for creatives to protect themselves and work has become ever so important. Also with our activities in media practice and consultation, this service comes naturally to the other services we offer. We offer a full range of IP legal services including Trademarks, Patent and design registration, brand names, product development , negotiation and licensing, assignment of individual property rights, international distributorship agreement and franchising, technology transfer and registration

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Corporate and Commercial practice

We live in a world where your day to day activities as an individual or corporate entity are embodied with transactional practices that require legal intervention. You often find yourself going into contracts and transactions blindly, with your only redemption, the hope that you don’t find yourself in a precarious situation or legal dispute at the end. We have a team of lawyers with experience and expertise to meet your needs in corporate and commercial matters which includes amongst others business registrations, incorporation of companies, Non Government Organization (NGO) matters and whatever need our clients might need in corporate commercial transactions.

Company Secretarial Services

Company Secretarial Services

Notwithstanding that every is required to have a company secretary upon incorporation, this is often the part of corporate governance often neglected. This is however important to ensure compliance with the statutory and regulatory requirements. We have a team of certified experts to provide company secretarial duties for client companies. These duties include incorporation matters, Corporate governance, Board meetings and compliance matters such as filing of Value Added Tax and Annual returns as at when due.

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Property and Real Estate Transaction

Property and Real Estate transactions form an integral part of our lives either for the sake of shelter or investment. Real estate as the best form of investment cannot be overemphasized. We are therefore a team of experts equipped to provide you with due diligence in property transactions. We draft, review and execute any real estate documentation which includes Deed, Sale of Contract, Leases, Tenancy agreement, transfer and Mortgaging amongst others.

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